How OFDM shapes the future with Y.J. Liu

Y.J. Liu, author of November’s title,¬†Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation, gave us some insight about why he wrote his book and what he hopes readers will gain from it:

OFDM has been applied in many areas such as WiFi, cellular phone and others. It has also been adopted in 5G which is emerging. This book is written to provide a clear and fundamental understanding of receiver design using OFDM which can be further developed for future advances in the future. The goals of this book can be summarized in four areas. They are ease in understanding, simulation study, detailed algorithm analysis and implementation consideration.

On ease of understanding, minimum background and references are required. The principles are explained clearly in an easy to follow manner. On simulation study, one is to choose a most promising algorithm and the other is to show algorithm performance together with its justification in a multipath channel with additive noise. On detailed algorithm analysis, the derivations leading to the final formula are provided without omitting any intermediate steps and any conditions and approximation in order for the readers to understand and apply in a correct way. On implementation consideration, easy implementation besides performance is also important. In this regard, an example is a unique algorithm for signal acquisition using the principle of maximum likelihood detection to achieve both easy implementation and excellent performance.

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