Community Endorsements with Matthew Morgan

Part of publishing a book and ensuring its’ success is working with the community to get their insight on what works and what doesn’t. It also helps the readers get a sense of what a book is about. Read below for an endorsement of Matthew Morgan’s Principles of RF and Microwave Design, publishing in November:

This book is a timely and much needed modernization of the classic texts in the fields of electromagnetics, circuits, quasi-optics, antennas, nonlinear devices, etc. This book combines all these into a single book, and yet manages to cover these diverse topics with a useful depth. More importantly, the topics are linked and compared in meaningful and thought-provoking ways, and help the reader to gain a more holistic view of the field.
This book is an important reference work for modern engineers using the array of powerful modern computer simulation tools, which can lead even top level designers astray without the intuition and guidance provided by Dr. Morgans book.

A few topics that I found interesting and particularly useful were:

  • The coverage of lumped elements and their placement in perspective with respect to distributed elements
  • The detailed coverage of even-odd mode analysis, which is such a powerful tool in designing components.
  • The summary of the state-of-the-art for transitions between various transmission line types was very useful, and is a topic which hasn’t been so thoroughly considered for many years.

Reading through this book reminded me of sifting through compendiums like Marcuvitz’s “Waveguide Handbook” or Harvey’s “Microwave Engineering”, that is, as a treasure chest of ideas to apply to the problem you are working on today. A careful reading of this book should be a prerequisite before allowing a new engineer loose on simulation software!

Jeffrey Hesler, CTO at Virginia Diodes Inc.

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