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It’s here! Artech House is proud to debut our new blog, the Insider, and we can’t wait to share new release information, author updates, industry news, and more. Thanks for taking this journey with us, we’ve got lots in store for you!


  1. James Chu

    I am Artech House books lover, I read many Artedh House books and wrote a review of each book I read and published at IEEE Microwave Magazine. Artech House books are written for working engineers and scientists, solve real-world problems. I also would like to suggest that Artech House books should include color to graphic charts, it will deliver much better information to the reader.

    1. Post
      Artech House

      Thanks for your comment, James! We really appreciate feedback, and all of your thoughtful reviews! We will actually be publishing a color book in 2020, so keep an eye out in the coming months!

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